Block Rename


  • This plug-in is a quick and easy tool to modify many block names that contain the same strings. You needn’t rename the one-by-one blocks.
  • Objects which you can rename with this tool:

             – Block

             – Dynamic Block

  • When new names existed or these blocks don’t contain the string, you can see the cause in the “Comment” column.

General Usage Instructions

1. Type “BLRENAME” in the command line (Or go to the Add-in panel and click on the BlockRename ribbon)

2. Select some blocks which you want to rename in the current drawing and then a dialog will be shown.

3. Fill text in both two text boxes.

4. Press the “Replace” button to see the result.

Note: The failure reason will be shown in the “Comment” column.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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